Keep stacking and fade today’s silver takedown. Look at why silver is poised to explode violently higher.

Hi-Ho Silver
January 22 (
King World News
) –
Graddhy out of Sweden:  SILVER Always know the very big picture.

And could it be any more bullish? Not really.

Sitting just below blue line. Getting ready.

45-Year Cup & Handle Shows Silver Is Coiling To Explode Above $50

Historical setup. Get-out-of-rat-race opportunity…

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Look At What Currency Is Being Quickly Destroyed
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
The YEN is being destroyed.

Japan is a leader in the synced central bank FIAT debasement race to the bottom.

In October alone it had a massive ~10% move.

Another Fiat Currency Being Incinerated

All FIAT currencies will follow. Enormous opportunity, and risk.

Silver Priced In World Currencies
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  XAGWCU shows silver priced in the major FIAT currencies, i.e. shows the collected FIAT picture for silver. 
Sitting right below the neckline for a 13-year inverse head & shoulders.

Silver Price In World Currencies:
Reverse Head & Shoulders Poised To Explode Higher

The chart is now ready and the odds strongly favours a breakout.

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