Michael Oliver just warned that “events are now beyond the central banks’ month-to-month tampering.”

The Beginning Of The End
November 30 (King World News) – Michael Oliver:  “A reality is evident. And not just to MSA, but to more than a few non-Wall Street analysts as well. The U.S. stock market is and has been addicted to the infusion of cheap money — cheaper than it otherwise would have been had market forces been involved. If that ongoing infusion of liquidity and false pricing of money are not maintained at sufficient levels, the market will convulse. Witness the last several months of sharp downside…

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Michael Oliver continues:  “Then came the declaration yesterday by the “Minister of Money Pricing” that a copacetic policy will return. The consequent rally reveals what really matters to stock prices. All of the day-to-day chatter about earnings, GDP, and so on is little more than noise at the margins.

MSA thinks that the major trend shift has already gone too far and in too many categories. The Fed’s attempt to backpedal to a more accommodative stance, while briefly lifting investors’ spirits, is a false hope. Too late.

“Events Are Now Beyond The Central Banks’ Month-To-Month Tampering”
The distortions caused by the last decade of money mispricing and liquidity injections will not stay masked forever. The repercussions will be revealed in the coming few years, probably dramatically. In the past, aggressive Fed actions usually spanned no more than a year or two before the bust phase began. But this time the extreme nature and duration of their policies is far beyond any prior norms. Expect the bust to be equally as far beyond any norms. 
And MSA sees it in the technicals across asset categories. Not just monthly momentum trend shifts, but quarterly and annual trend shifts that are already underway. Events are now beyond the CBs’ month-to-month tampering.”


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