What a way to wind up 2023…

Elon Musk & Alex Jones Debating Klaus Schwab & Bill Gates
December 13 (King World News) – Gerald Celente:  What a way to wind up 2023.

Elon Musk reinstated Alex Jones to X (formerly Twitter) this past weekend, much to the dismay of legacy media.

But that wasn’t even the headline.

An extraordinary group “conversation” broadcast on X included Musk, Jones and various personalities that have been at the forefront of dissident thought leadership in the U.S. over the last decade.

There was Andrew Tate, Mark Dice, Laura Loomer, insurgent Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, and more, mixing it up and dropping news galore.

At one point, Musk and Jones, answering a query from General Mike Flynn, said they would be up for a debate with Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates over the future course of humanity.

At another point, someone could be heard taking a piss with their mic on. It turned out to be Vivek.

“Well, I hope you feel better now,” Musk deadpanned.

“I feel great, thank you,” Ramaswamy responded in good humor.

Musk said that X would soon debut video group conversations—probably by the end of the year, or in early 2024 at the latest.

He also doubled down on freedom of speech on his platform, saying X would strive to follow the U.S. Constitution, and reiterated that if it came down to profit or free speech, he was prepared to continue standing for the latter.

Even prominent voices on the left, including Ed and Brian Krassenstein, expressed support for the decision to reinstate Jones on X. 

Technocracy A Hot Subject
Technocracy emerged as a central subject of discussion.

Musk strongly advocated what he termed a pro human future, based on population growth and a quest to explore—and eventually colonize—nearby planets.

He rejected the notion that degrowth policies and restrictions on human freedom were necessary to save the planet, and said the simplest thing people could and should do to support civilization is to commit to having children.

Most of the world has currently fallen into demographic decline, and several who took part in the conversation agreed that technocratic elites were behind policies promoting depopulation and (average) human decline…

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The conversation on X this weekend is well worth seeking out, for anyone who missed it. It marked a watershed moment in the years-long battle over free speech.

On the subject of Technocracy, was the thinking completely clear-eyed? No. Elon Musk is an uber tech optimist, and both he and Alex Jones at one point contended that sophisticated technology like brain chips, AI and presumably genetic bio engineering were “tools” that like any tool, could be used for good or ill.

But AI is certainly not just a transformative technology of its time, like the printing press, the light bulb (ie. electrification), cars, computers or the Internet. It is more analogous to an alien intelligence. 

As far as genetic engineering, while CRISPR may be a tool, our genetics embody ourselves. Questing to redesign ourselves is a De-Human disaster, born of misguided hubris, waiting to happen.

Technology optimism should spill over into an embrace of the central idea of scientism, which sees humans as a point along a pathway of “progress” destined to outmode the naturally human, via technology.

Despite those not quite adequately “grokked” pitfalls, those involved in the debate certainly conveyed heartfelt—and heartening—pro-human sentiments.

Though Degrowth as a term was not named, Musk pointed out that civilizations are either growing or dying, and that “stasis” was not sustainable. 

And the very fact that the discussion took place at all, with many banned or censored personalities, struck a thunderous blow in favor of free speech.

Anyone who doubts that it unnerved the censorship authoritarians need only do a quick search on the event, to see the reactions from most corporate media.

It’s hard to underestimate the importance that X will likely play during the 2024 election cycle. It represents the largest social media platform willing to allow the level of freedom of speech that prior to 2016, used to be taken for granted by most Americans.

About that, Musk commented:

“We’re certainly going to have a contentious election, and perhaps some contentious elections worldwide. The X platform will strive to be as truthful as possible about what’s going on. That’s gonna be the goal.”

There’s little doubt that Musk is likely to see a ramp up of regulatory scrutiny, and lawfare attacks on his businesses, as a result of his stand.

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