With the price of gold seeing a huge advance in the past month, central banks see a massive $2.2 billion in losses on gold shorts but here is why it may get much worse.

“Good Night Irene”
June 30 (King World News) – Lawrence McDonald, Former Head of Macro Strategy Society Generale: 
“Good Night Irene, Colossal Implications here (for the US Dollar)….(See chart below).

MAY GET MUCH WORSE FOR GOLD SHORTS: “Good Night Irene” – US Dollar Is Cooked

Government-Backed Bullion Banks Shorting (Capping) Gold
James Turk: 
“Comex gold open interest up 158k contracts from April as price surged $140. So new shorts lost $2.2 billion of market value. Who takes huge losses like these? Only central banks trying to cap gold price in a futile attempt to fight reality of their mismanaged fiat currencies. (See chart below).

MASSIVE LOSSES ON SHORTS…WHO CARES? Government-Backed Bullion Banks See Huge Losses On Shorts As They Cap Gold’s Advance

This Is Remarkable
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