With stocks tumbling and the US dollar rallying, this stock market collapse will be worse than the COVID crash, plus why silver is set to massively outperform stocks.

Stock Market Collapse
January 27 (King World News) – The Daily Shot: 
As market “amplitudes” rise, will the next market correction be more severe than the pandemic selloff?

Market Collapse To Be More Severe Than COVID Crash

Stock Market Extremely Vulnerable
The Daily Shot:
  Many of the stocks that have become targets of retail investors were heavily shorted, generating a series of short-squeeze rallies. With short-sellers getting pushed out, the market becomes extremely vulnerable to a downside gap.

Market Extremely Vulnerable To Downside
Gaps After Short Squeeze Rallies

“Short Squeeze”
The Daily Shot:
  Retail investor interest in “short squeeze” hit a record.

Searches For “Short Squeeze” Hits All-Time Record!

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Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy At Saxo Bank:
  The S&P500/Silver ratio has witnessed three major cycles in the past 30 years. A fourth has emerged which may point to some relative silver strength over the coming years.

Silver To Massively Outperform Stocks In Coming Years

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