Investors across the globe need to understand that central banks are preparing to print money and buy everything in 2024. This will have a major impact on all kinds of markets.

December 20 (King World News) – Greggory Mannarino, writing for the Trends Journal:  Here we are now at the end of 2023, with a world economy coming apart faster than any other time in history and a middle class which is rapidly being erased.

Here we are now at the end of 2023, with global debt surging ever higher, being compounded by out-of-control deficits and RECORD high “government” spending.

Here we are now at the end of 2023, seeing a world being deliberately pushed ever closer into a neo-feudal system of hierarchy, and the biggest transfer of wealth ever. A situation in which every day more and more people are being made to succumb to direct dependency on the current system, a system which itself is destroying them.

And here we are now at the end of 2023 with the stock market at new record highs!

How is this even possible?

For any person who follows my work the answer is blatantly obvious. First, there is no connection or correlation whatsoever between the economy and the stock market, they are totally detached from each other. Moreover, the gap between the economy and stock market is going to get even larger moving into 2024. I have also outlined multiple times in my work that the FASTER the economy craters, the HIGHER the stock market will go. 

I expect that moving into 2024, collectively and by no means coincidentally, world central banks are going to embark on what may be the end game to their final solution…

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If you were to ask a central banker what is the “job” of a central bank? The answer would invariably be “to maintain price stability and full employment.” But the actual GOAL of every central bank is only one thing: to issue their single product to the world.

What is the single product of every central bank? Debt, PERIOD!

And the more debt any given central bank can issue or is called on to issue, by for example a “government,” the STRONGER the central bank becomes. This very mechanism is the NUMBER ONE REASON BAR NONE why global debt, which now stands at a face value of $307 Trillion, (face value, not accounting for its associated derivatives which brings this number into the MULTIPLE quadrillions). 

Every single so-called developed nation on Earth, none more so than the U.S., has become a slave to its central bank, which includes its citizens. It’s central banks which run the economy, the financial markets, and the financial system itself in its entirety.

Ever since the inception of central banking, these institutions have had a single objective, to one day “OWN IT ALL.” To be both the LENDER AND BUYER of last resort.

The set up right now is this. 

Come 2024 central banks are planning to VASTLY increase their purchases of assets and massively inflate global debt. 

Expect bond yields to drop in 2024, and more cash to make its way into the stock market. Also expect housing and real estate prices to go even higher. Expect that central bank issued notes will lose even more of their purchasing power, and expect that the world economy will deteriorate more rapidly than ever before.

Also of importance…

Ultra High-Grade Discovery Near Fosterville!!
Eric King: “You’ve been very excited about these projects you have in Victoria, near the Fosterville Mine, and you also picked up that asset adjacent to K92’s mine. So you have this company positioned right next door to the historic Fosterville Mine in Victoria and K92’s mine in Papua New Guinea. Everybody is excited about this drilling in Papua new Guinea that is going to unfold, but Rex Motton sinks a hole, out of the blue, in Victoria, next door to Fosterville, and comes up with this ultra high-grade discovery. How soon can you sink additional drill holes into this new discovery? Also, I spoke with K92 CEO, John Lewins, who is also a Director of Great Pacific Gold, about this ultra high-grade discovery, and he is optimistic that more high-grade intercepts will be hit with additional drilling.”

Bryan Slusarchuk:  “Well, it’s an amazing discovery that Rex and his team made, Eric. As you noted, we’ve been busy over the last few months getting ready for 2024 Q1 drilling in Papua New Guinea. We have amazing projects there, a 2,100 square kilometer land package, including 130 square kilometers contiguous with (bordering) K92’s mine. So we are very excited to get started there.

In the meantime, we have had these Victorian assets for some time and have been advancing them methodically on the ground. Our COO, one of the founders of the company, Rex Motton, has spent decades in Victoria, and he knows the geology of Victoria as well or better than anybody. And, Rex, based on all of this work that had been done, had a strong conviction that we had to test a project called the Comet Prospect at a precise juncture.

Based on his knowledge of that world famous Fosterville deposit, he believed that X marked that spot for the precise point that if we were going to find another Fosterville, that was where it would be located. So he sinks this drill, the final one of 2023, and on that hole it intersected an incredibly high-grade cut of gold mineralization. It looks remarkably similar to what the Fosterville discoveries looked like several years ago. So we could not be more excited. This is one of the better discovery holes that has been drilled anywhere in the world this year.”

Almost Identical To World Famous Fosterville Discovery
Eric King:  “I’m looking at this old press release from the Fosterville discovery, and it’s seven meters of 159 grams per tonne of gold. You guys just hit 5 meters of 166 grams per tonne of gold, a little bit higher than Fosterville’s drill hole. So when you say there is a similarity, it’s almost identical.”

Bryan Slusarchuk:  “There are so many similarities to this discovery both geologically and structurally. Rex Motton pounded the table that this was the hole that we needed to drill at Comet because it mirrored the world famous Fosterville discovery. The geology is remarkably similar to the Fosterville Mine. And he drilled a hole right into that X marks the spot, and he made an amazing discovery. The ultra-high grades will jump out at people, but for people that know the geology of that region, what will also jump out is where structurally this discovery was made, and the big implications of that. And, Eric, because we are extremely well funded, we look forward to unleashing the drills in 2024.” Great Pacific Gold, symbol GPAC in Canada and FSXLF in the US.

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