Today the top trends forecaster in the world, Gerald Celente, issued a new trend forecast, plus a look at gold, silver and the US dollar.

US Dollar
September 23 (King World News) – Graddhy out of Sweden:  That is one big fat bearish engulfing reversal candle right at yellow resistance line, at present. This fits perfectly with all my cycles charts at the service; daily, weekly, yearly, 3 year cycle and 15 year cycle.

Major Reversal On US Dollar Will Propel
Gold & Silver Higher

Insiders just invested another $56 Million in this 12 million ounce
Canadian gold company!

Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Yields might be a problem for precious metals (PM) if the inverse correlation is on. But, it has been off since March 2020 low, and the decade before that it was not crystal clear in any shape or form. Means PM can rise with yields also. The monthly might be setting up.

1970s Redux:
Expect Gold To Rise With Interest Rates

“Rent Too Damn High”
Gerald Celente:
  U.S. apartment rents jumped an average of 10 percent in August, year over year, after climbing 13 percent from January through July, as we reported last week.

August’s hike, the first year-on-year double-digit increase in more than two decades, was reported by Real Page, which makes apartment management software and analyzes data from more than 13 million professionally-managed flats.

The rate increase was more than 10 percent in urban hotspots where demand is surging, the company noted.

“The rent growth we’re seeing in places like Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Tampa is obviously unprecedented,” where rents have shot up 20 percent or more, Real Page economist Jay Parsons told The Wall Street Journal.

Rents also were up at least 20 percent in unexpected markets such as Boise, Idaho and Naples, Florida.

After 18 months of the COVID War, landlords now hold the stronger hand.

Invitation Homes Buying Up Rental Homes
Relentless demand for houses to buy, including by private equity firms (“Invitation Homes to Buy $1 Billion Worth of Houses This Year,” 1 Jun 2021) has pushed everyone out of the market who is not cash-rich or affluent, leaving everyone else to compete for a finite supply of rental units.

U.S. apartment occupancy reached a record 97 percent in August, Real Page said, and household incomes among renters at professionally-managed units struck an all-time high of $70,000…

To hear Sean Boyd discuss $3,000 gold and the big game-changer
for the gold market 

Mortgage applications for multi-family housing have risen back to pre-COVID levels, the WSJ noted, the federal eviction ban has ended, and federal aid dollars finally are making their way to landlords to offset rent tenants have been unable to pay.

As a result, multi-family property values have gained 13 percent since February 2020, real estate services firm Green Street reported, and more money is now being invested in rental housing than in any other form of commercial real estate, according to Real Capital Analytics. 

When COVID struck, apartment rents slid and property values slumped as millions of renters lost jobs and were unable to pay rent. Still, they kept their homes because executive orders forbid property owners to evict tenants who were broke.

Now, with the economy on the mend, young adults are moving out of parents’ homes and shared apartments, returning to cities, and looking for places of their own.

Meanwhile, the newly liberated office workers laboring at home are still seeking to relocate to roomier, cheaper suburban and exurban digs or migrating to outlying cities such as Boise and Fayetteville, N.C.

As we noted in “Rents Soar as Investors Buy Properties and Raise Rates” (14 Sep 2021), the shortage of houses for sale, and of land and materials to build new ones, will deprive an entire generation of the wealth-building opportunity to own a home.

Losing this traditional, fundamental place in our economy will make younger adults’ even more cynical about “capitalism” leading more of them to see it as synonymous with “plutocracy,” a society controlled by the wealthy as a way for Bigs to grow bigger still. Thus, there will be bigger pushes for socialism.

…Also of importance

One Of The Highest Profile Silver Plays
Eric King:  “Peter, your company has become one of the highest profile silver exploration plays due to your silver projects and astounding silver grades in Peru.”

Peter Dembicki: “Our goal is to go find some of the world’s largest and richest silver discoveries at a time when large discoveries are very hard to come by, and ahead of one of the largest bull markets expected in silver. We are currently drilling and waiting for results to see if we made that discovery this quarter.

Today, we announced that we began exploring our second major silver project in Peru. So we will now be the only junior silver explorer that we’re are aware of that is aggressively exploring two major silver projects in a country where some of the largest silver and gold discoveries have occurred.

Our flagship project, Curibaya, is getting bigger. We are on our 6th hole waiting for results from 5 holes on a system that keeps getting bigger on surface, with many new veins hosting grade as high as 6kg  silver being recently discovered. Our Hurricane silver project is in its early stages but, much like Curibaya, past results have demonstrated grade in the kilgorams and width in multiple rock and chip samples – the hallmarks of a potentially significant silver system.

At Curibaya, in addition to multiple pending drill results, we are looking forward to results from 35 trenches over silver baring veins in new areas of the already massive footprint which continues to expand.

Timing And Opportunity
The most opportunistic time to own a silver exploration company is prior to the first discovery hole. We have two projects, one being drilled as we speak and the other coming online on its way to drilling next year. This represents two chances for massive discoveries and both have grades well into the kilos. Furthermore, Eric, our Curibaya project sits on a trend with some of the largest copper mines in the world. It is unique to have an entire precious metal target that also can deliver a world class copper discovery as well.

It Is Early
We still don’t know how big the system is at Curibaya. We have sampled numerous veins over a 20 square kilometer area with highlights of 80 samples above 500 gram silver to 300KG silver and 934 gram gold. The system is getting stronger and bigger as we drill it and our confidence for a major discovery is increasing with each drill hole as we wait with great anticipation for results. Tier One Silver, symbol TSLV in Canada and TSLVF in the US.

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