The last time this happened we saw a major bottom in gold, plus something is wrong in banking sector, funny thing and Fed balance sheet concerns.

Something Is Wrong In Banking Sector
November 16 (King World News) – 
Holger Zschaepitz:  “Something seems to be wrong in the banking sector. This is evident not only in the US Repo market but also in the US Libor-OIS spread, which continues to rise. (See below).

DANGER: US Repo Market & US Libor-OIS Spread Creating Fear In Banking Sector

Fed Balance Sheet Concerns
The Daily Shot: 
“The Fed’s balance sheet normalization (quantitative tightening) lasted about 21 months. Some 40% of this reduction has been reversed in just over two months. (See below).

40% Of Fed’s Balance Sheet Reduction Wiped Out In Just 2 Months!

Funny Thing
Sven Henrich:
  “Funny how the majority of Wall Street had SPX 2,900-3,000 targets for 2019 based on much higher earnings estimates, but now we’re trading above 3,100 on 3 quarters of negative earnings growth with this quarter flat to negative as well.”

Money Supply Spiking
Adam Tooze, Director of the European Institute:
  “Remember M2! Well it is currently expanding at 7% pa in the US suggesting some pretty robust credit activity. (See below).

CAUTION: M2 Money Supply Skyrocketing!

Major Gold Bottom
  “This is the biggest outflows from gold since December 2016, as a more positive global outlook drives optimism (see below).

Last Time This Happened (Dec. 2016) We Saw A Major Bottom In Gold!

Celente – Global Collapse To Accelerate
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