Caution, this rising inflation can easily turn into hyperinflation.

October 8 (King World News) – Eric King:  “Alasdair, we’ve had a very tough time in the precious metals markets. In fact, when you look at the XAU and the mining stock decline, it feels like we have had a crash in the mining sector (particularly the juniors). So we are in the ashes here and a lot of people have thrown in the towel. There’s been huge capitulation. How do you see things?”

Very Concerned About Skyrocketing Inflation
Alasdair Macleod:
  “Yes, you are right to point that out, but I would say that markets are basically broken. The idea that markets anticipate or discount the future is being disproved by the current situation. The important thing is what’s happening to prices (inflation). Prices are rising. Call it price inflation.

King World News published an article on Thursday by John Ing and I will just quote from that piece: 

A look back at history shows that rising inflation can easily morph into hyperinflation. Lessons can be learned from the way hyperinflation developed in Germany, Austria, Hungary or Venezuela today. The common denominators:

* Reckless fiscal policy
* Deficit spending as each country ran enormous deficits financed by themselves
* Double digit then triple digit increases in money supply
* Government financed debt

You can tick all of those today.

And I think John Ing is right. And it is particularly important because we have seen this week because we have seen energy prices, which are at the root of everything, just getting completely out of control. It’s gone up 600% or 700% in Europe. These are huge moves and they are creating havoc in other areas, particularly…to continue listening to this urgent warning about the dangers of hyperinflation as well as a discussion on how to protect yourself and your family CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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