On the heels of some wild trading to start the week, look who just said he hasn’t seen anthing like this in 55 years!

Haven’t Seen This In 55 Years!
April 3 (King World News) – John Embry:  “Eric, it is remarkable how little things appear to change in the short term as the global central banks work overtime in an attempt to present a picture of enduring normalcy

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John Embry continues:  “However, the rot beneath the surface continues to intensify and no one demonstrates that reality better than Egon Von Greyerz, whose weekly contributions to your site tell the true story.

I am fascinated by developments in the U.S. stock market where a dramatic increase in volatility has occurred. Historically, this would suggest a major change in market direction, and given the staggering overvaluation currently in effect, this would lead to a market collapse of epic proportions (think 1929, 1987, etc.)

Fearful Of What Would Be Unleashed
However, the central banks and the U.S. government are so fearful of what this would unleash in both the global financial markets and the economy that they could well risk a worldwide hyperinflation by unlimited money and credit creation to keep things afloat.

All one can be sure of is that the future outlook is grim. We face either a global depression that will vastly exceed anything seen in the 30’s or an unprecedented global hyperinflation that would be arguably worse.

In either instance, a comment from Citibank just ahead of the Easter weekend that the U.S. 30-Year Treasury Bond represented “the cheapest asset class on the planet” takes the cake for unbridled stupidity. However, given the sorry state Citibank has been in since the global financial crisis, why would anyone be surprised.

Without question, the cheapest asset class on the planet is the precious metals complex, which continues to be relentlessly suppressed by the usual suspects. All upside moves are capped and no follow through is permitted. When one considers how much debt has been created globally since gold and silver peaked in 2011 at $1,900 and $50 respectively, it brings into focus how ridiculously underpriced these asset are today.

It Would All Come To An End
If their prices reflected the true reality of global monetary policy in the last nine years, interest rates would rise dramatically and the financial asset inflation, which has gone on far too long, would be over.

However, that day is rapidly coming and investors had best be prepared. The precious metals stocks continue to be relatively cheaper in respect to both gold and silver bullion and most particularly other financial assets, than I have seen in my 55 years in the investment business. This will be seen in retrospect as one of the greatest trading opportunities of all time.”

Legend Pierre Lassonde
Eric King:  “Ivan, days ago KWN posted an interview I did with a legend in the mining business, my good friend, Pierre Lassonde, that took place right at the end of 2015 — the end of the brutal 5+ year bear market in gold.  It was fascinating for KWN readers around the world to read what Pierre said that the ‘super wealthy’ were doing with their money right at the bottom.  They were literally making massive investments, with individual families investing $30 – $40 million at a time into the beat down mining stocks.  As you well know, shortly after that the HUI Gold Mining Index skyrocketed 185% in a matter of months.  We face a similar market today, where many investors are frightened, just like they were at the 2015 bottom.”

What Do You Do At A Bottom?
Ivan Bebek, CEO of Auryn Resources:
  “Eric, what do you do at a bottom?  You question your judgement and your existence.  You also look at ways of saving money instead of spending money.  But I also know what a bull market looks like, and as this bull market takes off, there will be little to no stock for sale and the quality mining stocks will trade at ridiculously high valuations, which is the polar opposite of what we are seeing today.

Success In The Brutal Bear Market
I remember the bear market in gold very well, but did you know that the biggest success we had was in 2014, when conditions in the market were far worse than they are today?  That’s when we sold Cayden Resources to Agnico Eagle.  And right now in this tough market there is no other junior in the world that has 420 kilometers of greenstone belts, which Auryn Resources possesses, that are known to host some of the highest grade gold deposits in the world that are being mined.

The World’s Next Major Gold Discovery
All of the reasons that Auryn traded up to $4.15 Canadian have not gone away.  In fact, the fundamentals for us now are much stronger and we firmly believe that 2018 is going to be the year that we reveal the world’s next major gold discovery.  And, Eric, smart money investors and the ‘super wealthy,’ as Pierre described them, are realizing there are now three additional factors that are going to turbocharge our share price higher this year, which is why we were able to raise money recently without issuing any dilutive warrants.  

The Top Junior Gold Explorer In The World
The bottom line is we firmly believe that Auryn Resources will be viewed as the top junior gold explorer in the world by the end of this year.  That is why this is the time when investors should be aggressively buying shares of AUG.  Otherwise, like every great stock, they will look back and wonder, ‘Why didn’t I buy a large position in that company before the share price skyrocketed?’  Well, here is the chance for investors to buy shares of a company ahead of that massive surge in its share price.”
For those of you who have yet acquired a stake in this high-quality company, now is the time. Auryn Resources stock symbol AUG in Canada & the US.

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