Here is the elite’s terrifying blueprint for the future.

September 28 (King World News) – Joe Doran:  “Clean” Energy isn’t clean.

The emissions and impacts on the environment of making EVs, wind turbines and solar panels and associated equipment is an enormous cost often hidden by tallies of the supposed benefits of these technologies.

They can’t scale to provide equivalent amounts of energy as current systems, even with enormous expenditures and environmental impacts that would be astronomical.

Clean energy isn’t more efficient, abundant, or cheaper than the current products and infrastructure for many everyday and critical use cases.

Carbon isn’t a pollutant. Virtually all life on earth is carbon-based. And despite political pressure, many scientists contend that the relatively small increases in atmospheric carbon are not a primary factor in climate change. 

Some, like Dr. Patrick Moore (one-time co-founder of Greenpeace), actually contend the real danger to life on earth is too little atmospheric carbon.

More than 1,100 scientists signed a document in June declaring “There Is No Climate Emergency.”

Among other things, they wrote:

“To believe the outcome of a climate model is to believe what the model makers have put in. This is precisely the problem of today’s climate discussion to which climate models are central. Climate science has degenerated into a discussion based on beliefs, not on sound self-critical science. Should not we free ourselves from the naive belief in immature climate models?”

Of course, their declaration won’t stop Al Gore from proclaiming the world faces irreversible imminent destruction. Only eight years to go, he said in a speech last week…

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In 2006, Gore, who has made a fortune investing in green technologies he prosetlyses for (see, for example, here, here and here) claimed only 10 years to world climate catastrophe.

The pretty thinly disguised goal of the green energy and ESG movement, is to reduce the “footprint” of average humanity by reducing its numbers.

DeGrowth is their answer. DeGrowth of human consumption. DeGrowth of human activity. DeGrowth of human existence.

Those who support the Clean Energy agenda should fully expect their activities and lives to be more and more tightly regulated and confined in the coming years.

Devastating consequences of radical climate agenda impositions, together with a geopolitical crisis, could devastate European citizens even sooner, with the coming winter energy shortage, as major news outlets are reporting. Prices which have already tripled, are set to go much higher.

A widening disaster may cripple whole industries, including food production.

While radical ideological policies ravage nations and citizenries, a privileged group of elites live without being bound by any of the restrictions average people are forced to endure. Their wealth and power continues to buy them exemptions and indulgences from the kind of limited and increasingly squalid existence that others have to live.

Technological Web Of Imprisonment
A true nightmare of AI and robotic powered infrastructure will imprison average humanity into “smart city” urban prisons.

These clustered conclaves, that rope off average masses from the vast green tracts and preserves that form the pleasure palaces of Elites, will no doubt have at least a facade of futuristic efficiency and comfort…

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But despair and inhumanity in these “smart cities” will be rampant, because a caged human spirit cannot but cry out at the deprivations and restrictions that will make up every moment of every day.

Drug use and mindless and sterile escapes into the Metaverse are the future being built right now for our progeny, most of whom will procreate less, produce less, consume less, live “smaller” and less consequential lives, and speed the bulk of the species to winnow and die off a little more.

The advanced civilizations of the West (and a growing number of advanced Asian regions) are already in a demographic death spiral. Their cultures, their cohesion, are being destroyed from within and without.

There is no longer self-confidence in their organizing and sustaining principles, their history, their institutions and culture, their forms of governance and modes of living.

“It’s self-loathing, is another way of expressing it,” Dr. Patrick Moore says about the propagandizing which posits humans as a carbon polluting scourge of the planet. “It is a deeply destructive mental condition, to believe that you are evil, even when you’re good. Fear of death is at the root of it. That’s why doomsday predictions are throughout history.”

As humans have stopped reproducing in sufficient numbers to sustain their societies and are now aging, they have simultaneously been forced to try to assimilate a desperate influx of humanity from other, even more badly failing regions and countries.

The anger, division and violence of the current time is the result.

And it doesn’t get better from here.

Elites are laboring to usher in transhumanity. For the mass of general humanity, they will design genomic limits to reduce carbon emissions, and procreative abilities.  For themselves and their progeny, they will design super intelligence and life extension. 

They will seek further god-like powers via integration with post-singularity superior AI, and augmentation with advanced robotics.

Their quest is to live forever, as gods, ultimately powerful and self actualizing. 

And they don’t need most of the rest of us for that quest.

Yes, a limited pool of natural humans will continue to exist, to be used as a control group, for experimentation, and for pleasure and perversion.

But elites hardly need 8 billion humans for those purposes.

This is the Elite blueprint for the future.    

Let no one say they weren’t warned.

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