As investors around the world look for signs of what to expect next, bullion banks and commercials remain very close to being all-time record short the gold market!

All-Time Record Short Gold
August 30 (King World News) – Bullion banks and commercial hedgers are now very close to being all-time record short the gold market.

25-Year Chart Shows Bullion Banks And Commercial Hedgers Very Close To Being All-Time Record Short The Gold Market!

10-Year Chart Shows Commercial Hedgers Adding To Shorts In The Silver Market!

25-Year Chart Shows Commercial Hedgers Nowhere Near Record Short The Silver Market!

For those keeping track of silver, the commercial short positions are nowhere near all-time record levels, while they are essentially at an all-time record short the gold market. It will be very interesting to see if the commercials have added to or covered some gold and silver shorts in next week’s COT report. For those who accumulate physical gold and silver on a dollar cost basis, continue to make purchases at the same time each month. Do not get cute and try to time the market.

Where Things Stand In The Gold & Silver Markets
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