People around the globe need to buckle up because central banks plan to continue to inflate…faster.

Inflation Will Accelerate
November 17 (King World News) – Gregory Marino at the Trends Journal:  To date, every manner of distraction and deception mechanism is being used against an unsuspecting public which is being crushed under the weight of surging inflation… and the worst is yet to come.

Collectively, central banks which are working together have been using the mainstream propaganda ministries to sell an EPIC lie to the people of the world, and that lie is this: “by raising rates central banks will control/slow the pace of inflation.”


Raising rates is meant to slow demand, and that’s all- PERIOD.

If in fact a central bank were serious about wanting to control inflation, all it would have to do is contract the money supply by raising the capital reserve requirements of financial institutions/banks—and doing that alone would have an immediate effect on rapidly rising inflation.

The fact of the matter is this, central banks NEVER had any intention to slow the pace of rising inflation. Instead, they will continue to inflate…

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Collectively today, central banks are hyperinflating the global money supply, and this mechanism has been going on unabated for YEARS.

What people are not being told is the issue of surging inflation is a direct result of central banks inflating the global money supply, effectively diluting the purchasing power of their respective currencies! Not a single mainstream media outlet has outlined this to date—and that alone should tell you something.

Just to push this point home, the Federal Reserve along with other world central banks have been raising rates FOR MANY MONTHS! Yet inflation continues to rise.

This is what is about to happen.

First, central banks will continue to balloon the money supply, faster. This will dilute the purchasing power of their respective currencies and inflation will continue to rise. 

Secondly, central banks will continue to raise rates, although at a slower pace, and sometime early next year they will pause.

Thirdly, central banks working together will vastly increase their repo programs. This means that financial institutions will pass vast amounts of cash between each other overnight in an effort to trick the system into thinking it’s more liquid than it actually is. 

Collectively these three mechanisms as outlined above, if successful, will allow central banks to vastly increase global debt and as a side effect push global stock markets higher.

As a further effect, this mechanism will continue to crush the global economy and create more people who are dependent on the system.

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Breaking News – High Grade Oxide Gold Ounces
Zacatecas Silver just announced their initial high grade oxide gold resource estimate for the Esperanza Gold Project, located in Morelos State, Mexico. This oxide gold deposit has significant expansion and exploration potential and notably the majority of the resource is in the Measured and Indicated category, rather than Inferred. In fact 30.5 million tonnes at 0.97 g/t AuEq is M+I with 8.7 million tonnes at 0.98 g/t AuEq inferred. The target here is clearly high grade, high margin, low cost and low capex.

High Grade Resource News Release Now Out, PFS Underway
The Mineral Resource Estimate of approximately 956,000 Measured and Indicated gold equivalent ounces and 276,000 Inferred gold equivalent ounces will provide a strong fundamental foundation for the Preliminary Feasibility Study (“PFS”) now underway at Esperanza. With this initial high grade Mineral Resource Estimate complete, Zacatecas can focus on the completion of this PFS which will evaluate economics targeting a low capex, low cost and high margin operation that can generate substantial stakeholder benefit including economic, employment, environmental and revenue opportunities for the surrounding communities.

The Right Deal at the Right Time
Zacatecas acquired the Esperanza Gold Project via a transaction with the well known and extremely successful Canadian mining company, Alamos Gold. Through the transaction, Alamos has become the largest shareholder of Zacatecas and joined a notable list of previously announced investors in the company such as industry legend and billionaire, Eric Sprott. Insider purchasing has also been steady over the past several months with Zacatecas CEO Bryan Slusarchuk regularly purchasing shares in the open market as well as investing in the last financing which raised more than C $19 million at C $1.10 per unit. Slusarchuk and the great team he works with is no stranger to buying assets when the precious metals space is unloved. Prior to the acquisition of Esperanza, he was co-founder and former President of gold producer K92 Mining which acquired the Kainantu Gold Mine from Barrick Gold in what was perhaps one of the best and most lucrative industry transactions by a small company in recent memory.

Some of the World’s Best Mining Investors Betting on Zacatecas
The world of mining is a high risk and high reward universe. The last financing conducted by Zacatecas was done at a big premium to where you can buy shares today. That financing was oversubscribed with strong demand from specialist precious metals investors and included investments from the likes of Zacatecas CEO Bryan Slusarchuk, Director John Lewins and Director Charles Hethey. With more attention now on the gold space, Zacatecas is attracting attention as they rapidly check the boxes at Esperanza, advancing it towards production. Zacatecas Silver, symbol ZAC in Canada and ZCTSF in the US.

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