There are some shocking things happening around the world.

Nothing To See Here
August 3 (King World News) –
The Daily Shot: 
The surge in container shipping costs shows no signs of abating.

2nd Chart Is Shocking
 Single Container Shipping Rates From Shanghai To Los Angeles Have Skyrocketed From Under $1,000 (5 Years Ago) To Nearly $11,000!

The Citi US Inflation Surprise Index hit another record high in July.

Another Reason The Fed Can’t Taper

New interview from legend Doug Casey discussing gold, silver and
global chaos! To listen 
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“Brother Can You Spare A Car?”
The U. Michigan buying conditions for vehicles are the worst since the early 1980s due to sharp price gains and limited inventories.

Buying Conditions For Cars And Trucks Worst Since The Early 1980s!

Is The Party Over?
Online search activity for “job openings” surged recently as more US states cut emergency unemployment benefits.

Free Ride Ending As Mega Unemployment Benefit Pay Terminates, Guess What? People Suddenly Need To Go Back To Work

A Bad Time To Invest In Stocks
Jeroen Blokland:
  Bubble signs!

$1 Invested At The Top Of The Year 2000 Bubble
Left You With Pennies 3 Years Later

The Fed’s Easy Money Cocaine High Continues
Ever easier! Federal Reserve Senior Loan Officer Survey shows ‘record easy’ lending standards.

“Record Easy” Lending Standards

Also of importance…

Dramatically Increasing Silver Production!
Arturo Prestamo:
  “We continue to make significant progress at the Zimapan Mine with production increasing. This morning’s announcement of Q3 production of 800,000 oz of silver equivalent was in line with our expectations and goal of 4.5 million oz silver production for the year.

Big Silver Mine Acquisition From Peñoles
Since acquiring the asset from Peñoles
, we are making transformational changes including increasing overall productivity, and gearing up for exploration at Lomo del Toro, where we expect both higher grades and throughput. We strongly believe the market has yet to digest the importance of this exploration on our future production and cash flow profile. We look forward to delivering strong numbers in the quarters to come.” Santa Cruz Silver, symbol SCZ in Canada and SZSMF in the US.

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