Today 61-year market veteran Art Cashin warned the stock market rally may roll over. Plus a look at bubbles and electricity prices that continue to skyrocket as people say can no longer pay the bill. 

Cashin: Better Than 50% Chance Of Retesting June Lows
August 11 (King World News) – 
Art Cashin, Head of Floor Operations at UBS:  The media is making much of the fact that we have moved “back out of bear market territory”, especially in Nasdaq, but these are the kinds of fluctuations you get. We still think we have more to prove here and that we have a better than 50% chance of seeing markets ultimately roll over and retest the June lows, but that is becoming a small and smaller camp.

Go with the standard drill. Stay close to the newsticker. Keep your seatbelt tightly fastened. Remain nimble, alert and most of all stay safe.

Every One Of These Trends Has Reversed
Simon Mikhailovich:
  Disinflation of the last 40 yrs has relied on radical globalization and unfettered access to cheap money, cheap Russian commodities and cheap Chinese labor. Every one of those trends has now reversed.

Profits Recession Coming
Steph Pomboy:  The PPI (at 9.8% yy) is still running 1.3pp ahead of CPI. this marks the 18th straight month that input cost inflation has outpaced the ability to pass along to consumers…

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Holger Zschaepitz:
  OUCH! German power prices just hit another fresh all-time high. 1 year ahead electricity price jumps >€450/MWh, has now gained 280% year to date.

German Electricity Prices Continue To Skyrocket

Tech Bubbling Up…Again
Charlie Bilello:
  Price to Earnings Ratios… 

Amazon: 128x
Tesla: 106x
Microsoft: 30x
Apple: 28x
Google: 22x
Netflix: 22x
S&P 500: 21x
Facebook: 15x 

Price to Sales Ratios… 

Tesla: 15x
Microsoft: 11x
Apple: 7x
Google 6x
Facebook: 4.2x
Netflix: 3.6x
Amazon: 3.0x
S&P 500: 2.5x

Just A Little “Transitory” Inflation
Charlie Bilello:
 Commodity price changes over the last year… 

Natural Gas: +100%
Heating Oil: +64%
Brent Crude +37%
WTI Crude: +35%
Nickel: +24%
Gasoline: +23%
Coffee: +21%
Lumber: +19%
Corn: +12%
Wheat: +10%
Cotton: +9%
US CPI: +8.5%
Soybeans: +7%
Gold: +5%
Sugar: -7%
Silver: -11%
Copper: -16%

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