As we move through trading in the last month of 2019, look at what just hit the 2nd highest level in history.

Leaving Early
December 9 (King World News) – Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  “Investors have pulled hundreds of billions from equity funds in 2019, despite large gains in the funds. Because the gains have been so large, the outflows are small as a percentage of total assets. Still, it’s an outflow, and stocks have a good record of rallying after any year that saw a net outflow from equity funds…

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The Wall Street Journal, among others, has mentioned the persistent outflow in equities this year. It’s curious given markets’ impressive gains, and not something we often see. According to the Investment Company Institute, equity funds (mutual and exchange-traded) have lost close to $200 billion in assets, though some recent inflows aren’t yet reflected in the figure.

2nd Highest In History: Investors Yank Close To $200 Billion Out Of Stocks

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