Hedge funds may get torched after making near-record bets long the US dollar and against rising gold prices.

Riding The Buck
August 2 (King World News) – From Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  
Hedge funds have the largest exposure to the dollar in four years (see chart below).

Hedge Funds Betting Big On The US Dollar!

They (hedge funds) also have a near-record inverse correlation to gold, which has preceded reversals in the metal the few other times they were so heavily inverted (see chart below).

Hedge Funds Also Betting Big Against A Rise In Gold!

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King World News note:  Hedge funds have placed themselves in a very vulnerable position by entering such historically crowded trades long the US dollar and against rising gold prices.  If a major reversal begins to unfold, the moves in the opposite direction could become quite violent, especially in the gold market.

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