As we kickoff trading in December, the gold and silver bull markets are set to resume, plus a major stock market warning.

Metal Of Kings
November 30 (King World News)
Simon Mikhailhovich:
  Gold is the only financial asset inherently independent from the system. How valuable is this attribute to those who have never experienced systemic failure and do not believe it can ever happen to them? Not very much. People never put high value on freedom until they lose it.

A fiat collapse would definitely be a national security emergency – one should expect capital controls and similar measures. This is where gold’s independence would become priceless – no government in history has ever been able to control portable tangible goods. It is just not feasible…

Dire Warning For The US
To hear Jon Case’s dire warning for the US and his discussion of the Gold & Silver markets click here or on the image below.

Precious Metals Bull Market Set To Resume
Otavio Costa:
  Here we are again. Real yields suggesting major bottom in gold. Silver’s recent resilience also adds to this case. Up again on a down day for gold. Time for the precious metals bull market to resume.

Caution Flag
David Larew:
  Put Call Ratio – the most overpriced market in 10 years, call buying is historic, so being long, with is fist full of calls is cool, right… Sideline money needs to come in – NAAIM is like at 107% so funds are exhausted – Leverage your home, so you can buy more stocks LOL (see chart below).

WARNING: Stock Market Set To Crater

Gold Price Will Soon Be Unleashed Higher
Adam Tooze:
  A record $18 trillion of bonds now have negative yields.

Record $18 Trillion Global Negative Yielding Debt

King World News just launched the New KWN Weekly Metals Wrap featuring London analyst Alasdair Macleod and also released an audio interview with Dr. Stephen Leeb discussing the gold and silver takedown. To access the audio interviews simply click on the images below:

New KWN Weekly Metals Wrap
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