Here is a look at Fantasy Land, gold stocks, roaring 20’s, plus the silver bull.

Fantasy Land
January 2 (King World News) – Peter Schiff:  “The question is not if a recession will start in 2020, but how long will it last and how bad will it be? Regardless of when it officially starts, it will not end for years. It will not be a recession, but the recession, made worse by rising consumer prices and interest rates. Another pertinent question to ask is how much larger than $4.5 trillion will the Fed’s balance sheet have to grow before the Fed admits that QE4 is QE?

Gold Stocks Outperforming S&P
Peter Schiff:
  “Though gold stocks outperformed the S&P in 2019, and by a far greater margin if you include Q4 of 2018, gold stocks are down today despite higher gold prices, while the S&P hits record highs. Gold stock investors are cautious. But S&P investors have thrown caution to the wind.”

Roaring 20’s
Sven Henrich:
  “First trading day of the roaring 20’s:
US market cap to GDP: 153%
Greed index: 97

Silver Bull
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  “My long standing w GSR chart has now started its next leg down after interacting perfectly with my unchanged trend lines, confirming their placement. Said after BO “It has not yet closed above the now resistance line, which I do not think it will.”. It didn’t. (See below).

Silver Bull Move To Accelerate: Gold/Silver Ratio Will Continue To Plunge

Gold Price Suppression Failing
LSO RELEASED: Gold Price Suppression Failing, WTF? Plus The Grand Illusion

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