With many people watching the tumble in the gold market, this is how we will know the price of gold has bottomed.

This Is How Gold Will Bottom
February 4 (King World News)
Fred Hickey:  “US dollar rally” is the explanation pundits use to explain gold sell-off. Reality: gold soared to record highs in early August and we’re now in an extended correction. Dollar FELL throughout this 5-mo. gold correction. Gold correction from the record highs has to run its course.

What I’m Looking For
Gold correction will end once enough of the week-kneed (who are still hanging on) finally punt on gold
. We’re getting closer. Reality is this is just a correction in a major bull with conditions ripe for much higher levels: deeply negative real rates, a bout of inflation ahead.

Despair and fears of deeper losses. It’s what I’m looking for – we need more of it for a bottom…

To hear Sean Boyd discuss $3,000 gold and the big game-changer
for the gold market 

Gold Bull Catalysts
That bout of inflation will be driven by year-over-year comps (starting in weeks), soaring commodity prices (look at oil, food, industrial metals), massive (record M2) money supply growth, Biden stimulus and economic reopening as COVID cases fall. Will lead to even deeper negative real rates.

Meanwhile, Fed will sit on its hands and NOT raise rates/taper their massive money printing due to fear of popping enormous (record-sized) asset bubble’s they’ve created. Record twin deficits (budget & trade) and deeply negative real rates – perfect conditions for gold bull to resume.

Fitzpatrick weighs in…

Gold Testing a Pivotal Support Range
Top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick:  After gold recently completed a small double top formation that targets a move to $1788, it has drifted lower to test the pivotal support range at $1791-$1811, which includes:

$1791: 55 week MA

$1796: October 2012 high

$1803: November 2011 high

$1811: 76.4% Fibonacci level of the fall from $1959 to $1765

If we see a daily close below this range, we should expect a further decline towards the next good support range at $1765 (May 2020 high and Nov 2020 low.)

Gold Testing a Pivotal Support Range

Note that a weekly close below this range would paint a much more bearish picture on the precious metal given the 55-200 week MA set up. However, for now, we should focus on how it trades around the big support range and come back to reexamine if we get that weekly close.

Also of importance…

Maple Gold Mines Ltd. has closed its previously announced 50-50 joint venture transaction with Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd., which combines Maple Gold’s Douay project and Agnico’s Joutel project into a consolidated land package of approximately 400 square kilometres. The closing of the transaction follows the signing of a binding term sheet between Maple Gold and Agnico that was previously announced on Oct. 8, 2020.

“The closing of this transaction represents an exciting new chapter for Maple Gold as we move forward on the Douay project with the best joint venture partner we could ask for.

We are excited to kick off the JV’s maiden drill campaign shortly to expand the established gold resources at Douay and will continue to test regional targets for new discoveries, all with the aim of establishing an exciting new gold district in Quebec’s Abitibi gold belt.

We also look forward to building on our relationships with the local communities around the combined land package, including the first nations.” — Matthew Hornor, CEO of Maple Gold

JV highlights:

  • Maple Gold contributed its 357 square km Douay gold project, which has an established National Instrument 43-101 mineral resource estimate of 8.6 million tonnes grading 1.52 grams per tonne Au for 422,000 contained ounces of gold in the indicated category and 71.2 million tonnes grading 1.03 g/t Au for 2.35 million contained ounces of gold in the inferred category using a cut-off grade of 0.45 g/t Au for open-pit mineral resources and a cut-off grade of one g/t Au for underground mineral resources (1).
  • Agnico contributed its 39 square km Joutel project, which hosted Agnico’s past-producing Telbel mine (reclamation area and associated liabilities are excluded from the JV).
  • Agnico will provide an aggregate of $18-million of financing over four years for exploration expenditures at the Douay and Joutel properties, which will be allocated based on management committee budgets. Agnico and Maple Gold will contribute proportionately for expenditures thereafter.
  • Agnico and Maple will jointly finance an additional $500,000 in exploration of volcanogenic massive sulphide targets located on the western portion of the Douay project.
  • Agnico to contribute its technical expertise to the JV through joint operatorship (Fred Speidel, Maple Gold’s vice-president of exploration, will act as the initial general manager of the JV).
  • Agnico will support Maple Gold in its pursuit of third party project financing for the development phase.
  • Maple Gold and Agnico have each retained a 2-per-cent net smelter return royalty on the property that they contributed to the JV, each with aggregate buyback provisions of $40-million.

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