Albert Edwards just warned we should expect economic collapse, a 30% stock market plunge, and 10-Year US Treasuries to trade below 1%.

Albert Edwards: Economic Collapse Coming
November 2 (
King World News) –  
Albert Edwards, Former Global Strategist at Societe Generale:  “I’m just back from a trip to NY even more convinced that a recession is imminent. The best lead indicator ever is the number of times I hear that “manufacturing is a smaller share of the economy so its weakness doesn’t matter as the consumer is strong”, just before the economy collapses. It’s in the dark amber zone… By the time it arrives in the red zone, it will (be) too late. The equity market will already be down 30%+ the 10y TNote bond yields will be below 1% heading to zero!”

How Did We Get Here?
Sven Henrich:
  “On Friday total stock market capitalization to GDP hit 145.6% At the beginning of the year it was 122%. The long term average is 83%. (See below).

When Will The Insanity End?

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World Turning Japanese
Holger Zschaepitz:
  “The Central Bank world is turning Japanese. Fed and ECB have restarted their bond purchase programs. Fed’s balance sheet now equals 18.7% of US’s GDP, ECB’s balance sheet now at 40.5%, on course to Japan’s >100%? (See below).

The World Turning Japanese

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