A big bet on gold, insane currency move, trouble in China, plus some Argentineans don’t have to worry.

Big Bet On Gold
August 12 (King World News) – 
Holger Zschaepitz: 
“Hedge funds have ramped up their bullish Gold bets to highest level since July 2016. Speculators have piled into bullion as prices have rallied to 6 year highs on economic uncertainty & falling rates around world, which have made safe-haven metal more attractive to yield-seeking investors (see below).

Hedge Funds Make Largest Bet On Gold Since July 2016

Yuan Revaluation To Pressure Other Asian Currencies
Jeroen Blokland:
  “While an ‘orderly’ depreciation of the Chinese yuan may prevent risk markets from panicking, it will put pressure on other (Asian) emerging currencies to depreciate as well. (See below).

Orderly Yuan Revaluation – Will It Prevent Panic?

Gold On The Move
Keith McCullough, CEO at Hedgeye:
  “GOLD: up another +0.4% this morning after an impressive +3.5% week, remains Bullish TREND.”

% Of Country’s Bonds Trading With Negative Yields
Lawrence McDonald, Former Head of Macro Strategy Societe Generale: 
% of Country’s Bonds Trading with Negative Yields

Denmark: 100%
Germany: 98%
Netherlands: 93%
Sweden: 90%
Finland: 90%
France: 75%
Japan: 71%
Austria: 69%
Ireland: 61%
Portugal: 56%
Spain: 53%
Italy: 6%
US: 0%
Bloomberg data, JPM GBI Broad Index

Insane Currency Move
Holger Zschaepitz: 
“Argentina default probability jumps to almost 72% from 49% reflecting market panic w/ results of the Primary (PASO) Elections which gave Oppositions Fernandez a 15% advantage over President Macri. (See below).

Argentina Default Probability Skyrockets!

Negative Yield Bonds vs Gold & Silver
Lawrence McDonald: 
“Negative Yield Bonds: $15T Gold / Silver ETFs: $115B

Rate Cuts & New QE Won’t Work
Daniel Lacalle, Chief Economist at Tressis: 
“Rate cuts and a new QE cannot offset the impact of a debt-fuelled bubble created by low rates and QEs.”

Some Argentineans Don’t Have To Worry
King World News note: Some Argentineans don’t have to worry if they own gold instead of pesos (see below).

GOLD PRICE SOARS IN ARGENTINA’S PESO: No Worries For Those Argentineans Who Were Smart Enough To Buy Gold As Argentina’s Peso Crumbles

One Of Gerald’s Best
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