What is now unfolding spells big trouble for a world already in crisis, plus a look at gold’s next target and “Hi-Ho Silver.” 

Gold’s Next Target
August 27 (King World News) – 
Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy at SaxoBank:  “Gold’s haven status received a fresh boost on Friday after US-China trade woes escalated. Bulls have since May been rewarded with a rally that so far has produced weak corrections. Next technical target $1586/oz with $1530-35 area offering support. (See below).

Gold’s Safe Haven Status Receives Boost – Next Price Target $1,586

For The Record…
Jeroen Blokland: 
“For the record, the 10Y-3M yield curve is more inverted now than it was back in 2007. (See below).

WOW! US 10-Year vs 3-Month Yield Curve Is Now More Inverted Than It Was In 2007!

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Trouble For A World Already In Crisis
Jeff Snider at Alhambra Partners:
  “Because Japan is like Germany, if Japan pulls through it would suggest Germany is a global outlier – weakness is German rather than global. Japan already exhibits the same symptoms – collapse of global trade and falling industry. (See below).

TROUBLE IN JAPAN SPELLS TROUBLE FOR THE WORLD: Japan Ensnared By Collapsing Global Trade And Falling Industry

And This Certainly Doesn’t Look Promising
But is that enough by itself? The hope (globally) is that Japan shows a global trade problem can be manageable. But if Japan’s strength is internal, the data for the labor market over the last few months is…alarming. (See below).

ALARMING: Japan’s Labor Market Is Collapsing

If Japan Succumbs…
If Japan succumbs, too, then it would suggest Germany is NOT an outlier; that global weakness is really global and furthermore that bond yields are onto something. If German bunds are already right about Germany… And JGB’s are proving to be right about Japan… UST’s are…(see below).


Hi-Ho Silver?
Graddhy out of Sweden:  “…when silver takes out my final resistance line on my weekly, it is silver’s time to start leading. And it will. Now I think it is time for this to take out my support line. (See below).

THE SILVER TRIGGER: Silver Very Close To Signaling It Will Explode Higher vs Gold

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This Will Trigger Higher Gold Prices
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