As we end the first week of trading in October, the commercial hedgers continue covering gold and silver shorts…

October 6 (King World News) – Short covering has begun in the gold and silver markets as the bullion banks line their pockets once again…

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Bullion banks continue taking profits on gold shorts


Same thing in the silver market…


Massive short position in Canadian dollar increased


As we stated last week, the criminal syndicate of banks are busy as usual doing “God’s work.”  

Bonus note from sentimenTrader on gold…

Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  Sentiment on gold hasn’t soured much, commercial hedgers are still heavily short the metal, and hedge funds have been betting on a rebound, which all argue against adding much exposure. But gold has bene down four weeks in a row and is still trading above its 52-week moving average. Historically, that led to a multi-week rebound 14 out of 18 times since 1980 so I’m adding a bit here. Still below the target weight, and I have no interest in becoming over-exposed until the conditions noted above improve.”

The Good News
The good news is that all of the shakeouts at this point are just noise because the gold and silver markets are now firmly in bullish modes.  The only thing the central planners can do is try to fool investors through temporary takedowns in the gold and silver prices, but none of it will matter in the end as gold takes out $1,400 and silver pushes back above $20 on their way to new all-time highs.  Later today 
KWN will be releasing a timely audio interview covering the war in the gold and silver markets and much more.

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