Today Agnico Eagle CEO, Sean Boyd, warned King World News that the gold market is heading into what he describe as “The perfect storm.”

Sean Boyd:  “We’ve always maintained that the (gold) market is not in North America, although a lot of the short-term volatility comes out of the North American market trading paper.  And so the real market is outside of North America, in the East, where populations are growing and wealth is increasing, and that’s what’s going to drive the price of gold as we move forward…


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“So we are positive (on the price of gold).  We are saying that this market can continue to move up and move steadily.  That’s certainly what we expect to see.

King World News - Agnico Eagle CEO Warns That The Gold Market Is Heading Into The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

And I think that when people look at how difficult it is to actually find gold deposits and put deposits into production, we could have a situation where there is a realization among investors that the gold market is hitting the perfect storm.”

Eric King:  “Sean, could the perfect storm create the kind of catalyst where all of a sudden people are saying, ‘What happened? Gold is $1,800, $1,900 and on its way to new highs.’”

Sean Boyd:  “We could find ourselves in a situation where there is a realization of both parts of that equation — that the real market is not the paper market, it’s the physical market.  And there’s a huge part of the world that not only wants to own gold, but they also want it very close to them — at the same time as the mining industry is having a tougher and tougher time growing output and finding quality deposits and that is going to be a very bullish scenario for gold.” ***The incredible KWN interview with Agnico Eagle CEO, Sean Boyd, has now been released.  This is a chance for KWN listeners around the world to hear from one of the top people on the planet in the gold world and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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