On the heels of a rally in the gold and silver markets on Friday, Adrian Day spoke with King World News about a couple of great strategies to employ while waiting for gold to breakout.

A Frustrating Ride
May 4 (King World News) – Eric King:  “Adrian, for people around the world who are frustrated by this long, six year consolidation, what do you say to them, because they are waiting for the upside breakout in gold and they are frustrated?”

Adrian Day:  “First of all, I share your frustration — there’s no question about that.  This has been a longer wait than I thought it would be.  The initial decline did not surprise me as much as the long wait since 2016.  I’ve been very surprised that gold hasn’t moved up.  But since the election of Donald Trump, we’ve had the strength in the US economy and the dollar and that did change the picture a little bit.  But when you are in this kind of waiting game I think there are a couple of strategies that one can employ…To continue listening to the timely KWN audio interview with Adrian Day CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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