A historic day for markets as panic ensued and Treasuries and Gold remain the flight to safety.

August 13 (King World News) – 
Mark J. Valek at Incrementum:  “The only physical object that weathers the natural decay of time is Gold. That is one reason why mortal humans always have been fascinated by the shiny metal. Gold always was, and always will be money.”

A Historic Day For Markets!
Jeroen Blokland: 
“This is a historical day for markets! Argentina’s stock market plunged a whopping 48% in US dollar today, marking ‘the second-biggest one-day rout on any of the 94 stock exchanges tracked by Bloomberg going back to 1950.’ Also painfully, it already held that position before today. (See below).

A HISTORIC DAY: Argentina’s Stock Market Plunged A Staggering 48% In US Dollar Terms In One Day!

Treasuries & Gold Remain The Flight To Safety
Peter Boockvar:
  “For each day the Hong Kong protests continue the obvious worry is that the Chinese PLA walks into Hong Kong and then we have a mess on our hands. I’m going to guess instead that at least for a while, the Chinese will rely on covert activities and nothing more. Also, I’m going to venture a guess that officials both in Hong Kong and China are hopeful that when kids start going back to school in coming weeks, the protests will start to die down. This all said, instead of hoping that China will act more like Hong Kong at the time of the handover, the opposite is now the growing threat and reality. Treasuries and gold remain the flight to safety…

A Big Winner
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A Growing Crisis
I’m going to highlight again the persistent weakness in European bank stocks as it’s becoming an alarming drop in the midst of the further growing pile of negative interest rate yielding securities and an ECB that seems intent to lower rates more. The Euro STOXX bank stock index is down 1.2% today after falling by 7% in the previous 6 trading days. The index now stands barely above the lowest level since July 2012. (See below).

European Bank Stock Index Continues To Collapse – In Danger Of Breaking To New Lows

I continue to believe this is a growing crisis that not enough people are talking about and seem worried about, especially the ECB itself that itself to blame. This is a banking system for an economy that is as large as the US.

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