Today one of the top economists in the world warned King World News about a global crash far worse than 2008, complete chaos and the end of faith in fiat money.

September 20 – (King World News) – Michael Pento:  “The incompetent Fed is way over its head.  It’s losing control of markets.  What I mean by that is asset prices and debt levels have become so overextended that the Federal Reserve can never normalize interest rates because the economy is already so weak.

Propaganda Increases Ahead Of A Global Crash Far Worse Than 2008

The global economy is so weak that if they were to start to raise interest rates the yield curve would flatten and then invert, cutting off money supply, and asset prices would crash like it was 2008 on steroids.  And the $200 trillion worth of global debt would become insolvent.  So that is what we are seeing and that is what we learned this week from the Federal Reserve.  They are stuck and everybody knows it.”

KWN Arnott II 7:26:2015

Eric King:  “Michael, there is always propaganda involved (with the Fed). Of course we had the Janet Yellen press conference after the Fed decision — again, just pure propaganda.  The questions are all staged every time.  Pedro de Costa said something wrong and they kicked him out of the Wall Street Journal, right?  

But it became very fishy (ahead of the announcement) because you had the World Bank, then the IMF and the Economist, as Art Cashin pointed out, all screaming along with other billionaires who are involved in the propaganda machine, ‘No, no, no — you don’t want to raise rates.  That’s a problem.  Don’t do it’ — making the excuse for them.  The Fed has been saying they are going to raise rates for years.  It never happens.  

It’s gotten so bad that they needed to bring out an army of people to engage in the propaganda ahead of time for the Fed.  So we all knew there wasn’t going to be a rate hike.  But it has become a ridiculous charade.  We can’t even raise interest rates 0.25 percent?  That’s how bad it is?”

Michael Pento:  “I said it in my opening statement — that if they raised rates 0.25 percent, then they would have to say that it would be a one-and-done operation.  But there can’t be a one-and-done operation because then the rate of inflation would spiral out of control and asset prices would go through the roof and into the stratosphere…

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Michael Pento continues:  “I hope someone from the Federal Open Market Committee is listening to King World News, as I’m sure they monitor your site very closely.  Inflation comes when the market loses faith in a currency’s purchasing power through dilution — period. That is where inflation comes from.  The Fed is providing excuses as to why they have to continually monetize government debt.  That’s the truth.  We live in a debt-disabled world.  This is a disaster, Mr. King, and I know you and your listeners are aware of it.”

Eric King:  “We are looking at a world where we have zero interest rates for a prolonged period and maybe some more QE on top of that. What’s that going to look like?”

Somebody Made Sure Pento Was Permanently Banned From CNBC

Michael Pento:  “I believe the FOMC’s decision this week will crush the dollar in the short term.  The last time I was on CNBC, before I was banned over a year ago, I said that ‘there could not be a unilateral rate-hiking campaign.’

Now we know the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan, and the People’s Bank of China are all in full-bore QE mode.  That means that the dollar is going to join in the currency debasement derby and probably even take the lead.  So I’m looking for the dollar to continue its secular downtrend. As we saw later in the week after the decision was announced, I’m looking for precious metals once again to take the lead again and continue in their bull market.”

Eric King:  “What are we going to see for the rest of the year?”

King World News - A Global Crash Far Worse Than 2008, Complete Chaos And The End Of Faith In Fiat Money

Complete Chaos And The End Of Faith In Fiat Money

Michael Pento:  “Eric, I believe we are witnessing the end of central bank credibility and the end of faith in fiat money.  That’s what I truly believe and I think it’s happening right now.  A small plutocracy cannot control every price in the economy for very long without that ending in complete chaos and we are seeing this right now.” This is one of Michael Pento’s most important interviews ever.  To continue listening to the incredible Michael Pento audio interview that has now been released, where Pento shows why he is one of the greatest economists in the world by giving one of his most important interview ever discussing the coming financial carnage, what to expect from key markets next week, including gold, silver, stocks and bonds, what people can do to protect themselves and much more and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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