On a quiet day in the markets, here is a stunning look at gold, inflation, stimulus checks, savings and stocks.

Many People Plan To Save Stimulus Checks
March 16 (King World News) – Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab: 
Survey of investors by Bank of America shows that more than half in each income basket (from < $30k to > $120k) plan to save their third stimulus check … for lowest income group, substantial portion then goes to food, clothing & necessities (see below).

Are People Really Going To Spend Stimulus Checks?

Fiat Debasement To Accelerate
Jeroen Blokland
:  Are we heading for a reversal of a 40-year trend? (See chart below).

Inflation Assets Set To Soar

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Got Gold?
The Daily Sho
t:  The Fed’s official communications remain extremely dovish. (See chart below).

Look For More Dovish Communication From Fed

Stock Market Set To Reverse
  Classic (see below).

STOCK MARKET WARNING: Great Contrarian Indicator!

Adam Tooze: Director of the European Institute:
  Ratio of liquid assets to liabilities of US households are at record levels. (See chart below).

Household Liquid Asset vs Liabilities At Record Highs

GOLD SECTOR: Who Was Left To Sell?
King World News note:  Bearish extremes at recent lows in the gold, silver, and mining sector. This is how major bottoms are made (see below).

Investors Threw In The Towel At
The Recent Bottom In Gold

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