These are very interesting and frustrating times. Below are two emails from King World News readers.

What Is Available When The Tide Turns?
February 26 (
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Email from KWN reader Kerry B:  Eric, reading Matt Piepenberg’s [King World News] article I ponder. It is said one half of one percent of global financial assets are in precious metals.

What is the “float “ in that market? Derivatives don’t count. Let’s be generous and say the float in the physical precious metals markets and equities is 5-10% of the one half of one percent. That’s what’s available when the tide turns. 

Great site. 

Kerry B.

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Boockvar’s brilliant insight
Email from KWN reader Charles P:  To what Boockvar’s offered up in the [King World News] article just published, I’ll add this… 

China wants to stimulate consumer demand to help it grow out of its export-dependent economy, but they don’t want to do that with more debt (see: real-estate debacle), so what better way to accomplish this than to give their “consumers” more for their money with some deflation?

And one more thing:  the less a Chinese citizen / consumer finds themselves spending on consumption, the more they have to save or even better…. buy gold!  (which by all accounts they’re doing hand-over-fist already). 

Keep up the good work (you guys and Boockvar!) 

Charles P.

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