A big warning from the hairy 1970s, plus a look at silver’s radical upside roadmap.

March 13 (King World News) – Graddhy out of Sweden:  I am getting the same fuzzy feeling now with silver as I had back in 2011 before the move to $50.  And a friend said yesterday that silver gives him the same feeling now like he had back in the 1970’s. Looking very good right now.”…

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Silver Roadmap
Graddhy out of Sweden:  This silver roadmap chart first posted in 2019 is still showing the way.  
Had perfect backtest in 2022, now sitting right below blue breakout line.

Silver is getting ready.

Silver Getting Ready For A Historic Upside Breakout That Will Propel The Price To New All-Time High Above $50:
Price Target = $370

Bull market price objective $370, but could briefly go double that in parabolic move at end of the bull.

Big Warning From The Hairy 1970s
Peter Boockvar:
  Higher energy prices is something huge to watch too along with other industrial material prices which have risen of late as seen in the CRB raw industrial index.

I’ll add this, for all the talk of rate cuts and Jay Powell himself saying they don’t need to wait until inflation gets back to 2% to start cutting, it’s amazing to me how everyone has forgotten the lessons of the 1970s. As inflation fell notably then, the Fed got complacent and inflation spiked anew.

1970s Redux As Fed To Cut Rates Despite Inflation Danger
You’ll also hear today people taking out this and that with inflation in order to get to one’s preferred low inflation rate but either way, nothing here changes the likely reality of 1-3 rate cuts this year so as to provide a range. The Fed funds futures are still pricing in about 3.

King World News note:  This is exactly what happens during these cycles.  They become more and more dangerous and intense.  Before this is over the entire global financial system will most likely be on fire and in need of the planned Reset.  Holding physical gold outside of the banking system is a way to get yourself on the other side of that coming Global Reset.

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