With the war in the gold and silver markets continuing to rage, today a 50-year market veteran we now have the preconditions for a stock market crash.

John Embry:  “The interventions in all the markets by the usual suspects are becoming more and more blatant, and I think indicate the depths of the systemic problems.  The U.S. stock market was behaving very poorly at the end of last week, most notably declining sharply on Friday in the face of what would have to be regarded as remarkably good retail sales numbers for the U.S. in April…

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Jon Embry continues:  “Not surprisingly, the U.S. President’s Working Group on financial markets, a.k.a. the Plunge Protection Team (PPT), had the weekend to regroup, and the Dow has opened comfortably on the upside to start the week.  However, I believe that the PPT’s job is becoming more challenging with each passing day.  

The U.S. stock market is historically overvalued, fundamentals, i.e. a weakening global economy and deteriorating earnings, despite widespread accounting chicanery, are worsening by the day.  The technical position is precarious and volumes are disturbingly low.  These are the preconditions for a stock market crash.  I believe the U.S authorities will move heaven and earth to prevent it because such a development would play havoc with the U.S. currency and would speed up the recession, which is just starting to unfold despite the government’s bogus statistics to the contrary.

I’ve also noticed that more and more stock market veterans with great historical records, and whose views I greatly respect, are becoming more cautious if not outright bearish with each passing day.  I think they will be proven correct.

King World News - 50-Year Market Veteran Shares Which Gold Index Has Risen A Staggering 135% In Just 43 Days!Despite Attempts To Flush, Gold & Silver Prices Remain Firm
Turning to the precious metals space, gold and silver continue to resist the bullion banks’ intensifying efforts to flush the prices.  They have been doing this for the past 5 years, and with the current commercial short positions in place, the prices would have already been materially lower if their nefarious policies had been working as successfully as previously.  I consider the failure to flush prices to be a good omen.

However, what caught my eye was a comment from a so-called analyst working for a Canadian bank, which will remain nameless even though it’s the bank I used to work for (RBC).  This particular analyst was concerned about ‘The one-legged nature of the gold rally.’  He observed that ‘investment demand seems to be the only leg driving the current rally, as reported physical demand from China and India declined in the first quarter.’

What he said is ridiculous.  The only reason for gold to rise sharply in price is because of investment demand as investors globally attempt to escape from a collapsing fiat currency system.  To quote my business partner, Eric Sprott, who a couple of years ago responded to a question about which currency was the best one, ‘That’s like trying to identify the best looking horse in the glue factory.’  I thought that was a very apt description of the world’s currency system.

Gold demand for jewelry, industrial uses, dentistry, etc, is totally irrelevant when investment demand overwhelms available supply.  Naturally the demand from these sectors declines as the price rises because they are price sensitive.  Investment demand is insatiable as investors around the world look to escape the destruction of fiat currencies, so I would not worry about the ‘one-legged’ nature of the gold rally because fiat currency destruction will only increase in the months and years to come.  That will serve to keep a solid investment bid underneath the gold market.”

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