Today an entity dumped $1.25 billion worth of gold futures twice which prompted a $45 plunge in the price of gold.

KWN Email About Gold Plunge
November 22 (King World News)KWN Reader Kevin W.:  We saw $1.25B Comex Gold contracts dumped in less than 1 minute each.

Some Entity Dumped $1.25 Billion Of Gold
Futures Twice (Each Time Less Than 1 Minute)

Nothing To See Here Folks, Please Keep Moving
S&P futures trade less than $150M in each of same periods in a market that is 5x as large as Comex Gold.

Translation – 40x the weight being pushed around in gold market relative to its open interest market cap than S&P. 

Which Fed officials were short gold?…

Insiders just invested another $56 Million in this 12 million ounce
Canadian gold company!

Nothing To See In Silver Either Folks, Just Keep Moving
KWN Reader Kevin W. continues: Silver traded 1500 contracts in each if those minutes amounting to $170M each. Silver’s open interest value $5000 x 24 x 105,000 = $1.3B.

Compared to $456B open interest in S&P futures that traded only $150M in each minute, silver traded more while S&P market is 350x the size.

The Fed’s hedge fund is desperately trying to paint a bullish economic scenario.

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