Today a man who has been uncovering critical information for 25 years told King World News there is panic in the air at Davos as the shocking Swiss move has bolstered record attendance at a time when the bank runs in Europe are accelarating and the global financial system is beginning to implode.

Eric King:  Steve, as you know there is going to be record attendance at the meeting in Davos and there is definitely great concern after the surprise Swiss move.

Steve Quayle:  “The derivatives market is now crumbling in the background.  What the Swiss have basically done is shattered the hall of mirrors.  Meaning, the illusion has now disappeared and we will see panic in the markets over the next two to four weeks….

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“When you have a 30 percent currency move in a matter of minutes, no chart could have predicted that stunning event.

Shocking Swiss Move Bolsters Davos Attendance

There is a massive fleet of 1,700 private jets flying into Davos, Switzerland right now.  It’s interesting that the panicked and record attendance at Davos, a town of only 11,142, coincides with the stunning Swiss move from last week.

The bottom line is this has left the markets in shock and the panicked attendees are looking to prepare themselves to deal with the coming chaos.  In many ways the Swiss move is just an indicator that the global financial system is beginning to come apart at the seams.

Bank Runs Accelerate As Global Financial System Disintegrates

Meanwhile, we have accelerating bank runs taking place in Europe.  You spoke with the former White House official, Dr. Philippa Malmgren, about Europe now being in danger of mega-bank runs.  Eric, that’s why you viewership is expanding — because they can get the truth at King World News, while the mainstream media continues to simply spew out their controlled propaganda.

But circling back to the bank runs in Europe, what you are seeing now is merely a warm-up to what will take place in the future when panic really begins to take hold.  And the record number of attendees meeting in Davos own the global mainstream media and they are not going to tell the public what they are really discussing in these private meetings.  Many of the leaders attending Davos care nothing about their citizens or their countries.  They are the global elite and as far a they are concerened the world is their playground to plunder.

Time Is Running Out

Time is running out for people to take action to protect themselves and their families.  If you understand that the governments and their leaders will not be able to aid, protect, or provide for everyone as the next global crisis breaks out, then you grasp the fact that you must be positioned to weather the coming global turmoil on your own.

People will either be victors or victims, and the nice thing about owning precious metals is that you can sleep well at night while everyone else will be pulling their hair out as the ultimate derivates nightmare unfolds.  People need to remember that the agenda of the mainstream media during this secular bull market in gold and silver has been to constantly bash the metals and tell people not to own them.  So essentially the propaganda arm of the elite talks the metals down while the elite are accumulating all the physical gold and silver they can.” If you are interested in purchasing physical gold and silver for delivery you can call Steve Quayle or his staff at (406)586-4842, or you can email them at

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