Yet another gold and silver bull catalyst has been unleashed. Look at what just hit a new all-time high.

May 14 (King World News) – Peter Boockvar:  Rather than wait until tomorrow morning to bring it up, I’ll do it now just in case you haven’t noticed. The price of copper is rallying to a record high today nearing $5 per pound and copper just so happens to be the most important industrial metal in the world, especially in the push to this new electrification/renewable world we’re investing so much money in. I include the price of copper and two key charts highlighting the importance of it from a recent Sprott white paper.

Price Of Copper Hitting All-Time High!

Global Copper Usage Is Massive And Expanding

Here Is A Look At Expanding Global Copper Usage

King World News note:  Copper hitting a new all-time high is more proof that another wave of inflation is being unleashed. All of this is extremely bullish for gold and silver as well as the high-quality mining and exploration shares. King World News repeatedly warned that the time to buy cheap silver was coming to an end. It will get very tricky to buy silver as soon at the price breaks decisively above $30. 

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