Today one of the wealthiest, street-smart professionals in the markets, who is also business partners with billionaire Eric Sprott, spoke with King World News about his thoughts as we head into 2015 as well as the sins of the past decade.

Rule:  “All of the mainstream media analysts are completely sanguine and I hope they are right.  They hope and believe the additional consumer savings from lower oil prices will get us out of the economic malaise that our governments have gotten us into.  That would be a wonderful end to the downturn.  But notice, Eric, that I prefaced that with the word ‘hope.’….

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"My suspicion is that 2015 will give us more of the same.  Meaning the global economy is flat on its back and it will stay there for quite some time.  2015 will bring small pockets of prosperity, but the prevailing trend towards increased government and increased government debt will continue to strangle the overall economy.

One would hope, you’ll note that I used the word ‘hope’ again, that the big thinkers of the world are right and that I’m wrong.  I understand the hope people have that Western central planners can print trillions of dollars of counterfeit currency units and that liquidity will overwhelm concerns of solvency.  It certainly has worked for the last 2 or 3 years.  

It would be wonderful to have a set of circumstances where contrived liquidity was the antidote for the sins of the past decade.  I just have a very difficult time seeing that come true.”

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