Will this be the catalyst that sends the silver price surging?

By Bill Fleckenstein President Of Fleckenstein Capital
July 10 (
King World News
) –
On the subject of the metals, I was talking to someone who is very knowledgeable about silver and I learned that the silver demand for both solar energy and autos had risen, and is expected to rise far more and faster than I had previously realized

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Solar now consumes about 10% of annual silver production, and autos could easily reach a number similar to that as the inclusion of more electronic devices in cars (e.g., cameras and other doodads) will require more of that commodity.

This particular conversation has inspired me to dive deeper into the silver supply/demand data, a topic that I haven’t spent a lot of time on in the last couple years. I will be sure to pass along any data that I find especially interesting.

As a side note, it is rather ironic that everything related to “green energy” requires vast amounts of various old school and rare earth metals, but perhaps we need to start thinking about silver as the “green” metal, given its role in solar energy.”

King World News note:  The rising demand for physical silver from green energy is very real and will be an important catalyst for the silver market over time as it is now consuming a significant amount of global silver production and that figure continues to rise.

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