With the price of silver surging, there is no physical silver available in London, mining stocks are set to skyrocket, and look at what the public is doing.

No Physical In London
February 8 (King World News) – Alasdair Macleod out of London: 
“The silver price feels firm and there is no physical around. The only way to get physical is to buy Comex futures and stand for delivery. If the paper traders try to bash the price they will only end up more short.”…

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Nothing To See Here…
Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab: 
U.S. officially posted its largest annual trade deficit since 2008 last year … gap widened to $678.7 billion in 2020 from $576.9 billion in 2019 (see chart below).

Largest US Trade Deficit Since 2008!

Public Wants Penny Stocks
The Daily Shot: 
Here is another sign of extreme enthusiasm for stocks from retail investors: online search activity for “penny stocks” (see chart below).

CAUTION: Public Piling Into Penny Stocks

Simon Mikhailovich: 
“Keeping gold down is not a scam; it is a strategic effort by the bullion banks and CBs to delay the inevitable comprehensive credit crisis. 
Every confidence game ends with a loss of confidence. Physical gold is the only liquid financial asset without counterparty risk and its marginal demand is a function of (non)confidence in financial assets & counterparties. Once physical demand exceeds supply on hand, it’s game over.”

Graddhy out of Sweden:  I think we have a green rounded bottom in the making for this ratio chart. This means that precious metals miners needs to go up 13x vs Nasdaq. Some of that will probably be Nasdaq dropping, after a possible general equities blow-off starting now. (See chart below).

Mining Stocks Set To Outperform NASDAQ 13X!

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