With huge news coming out of Russia and Europe, and continued major volatility in global stock markets, today one of the top people in the financial world spoke with King World News about what has just unfolded in Russia and Europe as well as where the sovereign bids are positioned in the gold market.

William Kaye:  “It appears that Russia is now cutting off gas supplies to key nations in Europe.  This situation could really escalate.  This will have a serious impact on supplies of natural gas in Europe.  It will most likely escalate the geopolitical tensions in that area as well….

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“Clearly this is Putin pushing back against the West’s encirclement of Russia.  Putin will argue this is justified because Ukraine is siphoning off the Gazprom gas.  He is justified in making that claim because there is a long history of Ukraine stealing Russian gas.

So it’s a bit of a complex web but this is the type of event that will have a major impact not just on the economies of Europe, who have enough problems already, but more importantly on geopolitical stability.”

Eric King:  “Bill, what about the metals markets?”

Kaye:  “Silver has been leading gold, which is pretty encouraging. 

Sovereign Bids In The Gold Market

For people who are looking to take an immediate position, my only concern is that we are now trading above where the sovereign bids are positioned.  In other words, Eric, the sovereign bids still look to be around the $1,205 area.

We have seen a bit of short covering recently from entities who were positioned incorrectly.  The short side has attracted a lot of momentum-type traders because shorting gold and silver has made money the last few years.  Some have decided to book some of those profits, which has contributed to the recent strength in gold and silver.

We are also seeing people rotating out of stocks into gold and silver.  This type of portfolio reallocation has also contributed to the strength in both gold and silver.  Our position is that gold and silver at these current levels remain exceptionally good long-term value areas to accumulate.  When we can verify a secular turn has been made, that is when the really big gains will begin to manifest themselves in the gold and silver markets.”

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