This will end with a loss of confidence, plus look at what is underpinning gold’s surge.

Michael Oliver’s KWN audio interview discussing what to expect next in the gold and silver markets as well as the mining socks has now been released!

Underpinning Gold’s Surge
July 31 (King World News)
Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy at Saxo Bank:
  US 10-yr real yields return to -1% for the second time this year. Thereby underpinning gold’s renewed challenge at $2000 (see below).

This Will End With A Loss Of Confidence
Simon Mikhailovich:
  The CIO of Goldman’s Private Wealth Mgt sees “no role” for gold in clients’ portfolios, either strategically or tactically. This is still a widely-held conventional view, which is why, I believe, the move in gold has barely started.

Commodity analysts only express views while investment managers actually allocate clients’ $$. So long as the managers remain complacent, and they still are, current demand for gold will remain a fraction of the likely future demand.

Gold prices have been going up because money creation and complete reliance on the government to keep spending $$ it doesn’t have, have gone parabolic. This is a textbook monetary confidence game that will end, just like all previous games ended – with a loss of confidence.

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