The ferocious trading action refuses to slow down as the massive short squeeze in the gold market that began in Japanese trading continues on Japan’s TOCOM and the price of gold rips through $1,400.

Historic Gold Breakout Materializing
June 20 (King World News
) –
Top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick:  Gold looks to be making a material breakout that suggests to us that financial markets are too complacent about the increasingly uncertain market/economic backdrop that seems to be materializing.” (see chart below).

Positive Close On Friday Will Send Gold Surging To $1,500-1700+

Ferocious Gold Short Squeeze & Scramble For Physical Metal In Japan
James Turk described the ferocious short squeeze in the gold market in Japan and the surge in silver: 
Asian markets see what everybody else sees from the Fed & ECB statements – money printing. So no surprise that gold has hurdled $1365, at one point touching $1390 in a scramble for physical metal. Always buy physical. That way you own a tangible asset and avoid counterparty risk. (see chart below).

Squeeze For Physical Metal Propelling Gold Price!

Most Undervalued Asset On The Planet, Silver, Has Turned
James Turk continues:  
Some good buying of silver in Asia as the markets there respond to the latest Fed announcement. The further silver climbs away from $15, the odds increase that silver – the most undervalued asset on the planet – has finally turned the corner and begun a new bull market.

Silver May Be Ready For A Violent Move To The Upside

This Is What A Massive Short Squeeze In The Gold Market Looks Like As Gold Volatility Skyrockets!

Violent Trading In Mining Stocks Confuses Some Investors
Meanwhile, the violent upside trading action in the mining stocks has caught many investors by surprise. What they don’t understand is that the fireworks are only just getting started.

The reason for this is because the mining stocks have just broken out of a massive 13-year long-term downtrend vs gold (see chart below).

Gold Mining Stocks Just Broke Out Of A 13-Year Downtrend vs Gold!

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