On the heels of the recent violent trading in key markets, this is remarkable, plus 3 absolutely shocking charts.

Highest Bets On Gold Since 2017
June 29 (King World News) – 
Holger Zschaepitz:  “Hedge funds boosted bullish Gold best to highest since Sep2017 as a confluence of factors – dovish central banks, US-China trade spat, a weakening dollar, signs of slowing global growth, Mideast tensions, – reawakened investor interest in gold in June. (See chart below).

Hedge Fund Bullish Gold Bets Highest Since 2017

TREND: Increase In Robots Managing Money
A huge trend right now is investors moving money out of active management and having robots manage money.

THIS IS REMARKABLE: Money Fleeing Active Management Of Stocks To Robots

Reality vs Propaganda About Strong Economy
They keep telling us everything is great with the economy but this flies in the face of the propaganda.

WARNING: Cass Freight Index (Shipments) Is Collapsing!

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Bullish Gold Catalyst
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