This financial collapse is truly devastating but what is coming will be even worse, plus gold may be set to surprise once again.

Financial Devastation: What Is Coming Will Be Even Worse
Daniele DiMartino Booth: 
The current crisis requires more of a response than opening the liquidity floodgates. The Fed will be tested as never before expressly because its overextension of liquidity to the corporate sector has created armies of zombie firms whose business models are so weak and cash flows so low that they can’t survive what’s to come for the US economy.

The Fed could be setting the US economy up for a harder fall down the road by flooding markets with cash and spurring investors to prop up firms that are not fit to survive. The long-term risk posed to the economy is that the restructurings that were once emblematic of the creative destruction that fomented innovative new firms will make way for a generation of painful liquidations.

It should never have come to this…

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Gold Market May Be Set To Surprise Once Again
August 25 (
King World News)
Fred Hickey:
  “This A.M put some of the substantial cash I’d built up back into some of my favorite precious metal miners (buying back at lower prices from where I’d sold). Over past few weeks much froth has been taken out of the sector. DSIs in 60’s. Managed Money net long futures down sharply. Most wise guy traders expect much deeper precious metals correction.

However, throughout 2000s gold bull market several corrections ended at prior break out points and then bull market resumed and headed to new highs. In today’s case, it would be around $1920 gold area (where we are now). Catalyst could be Powell’s Thursday speech in which he lays out major Fed policy change – letting inflation run hotter in order to offset lower (past) periods of below-target inflation. When Powell didn’t announce yield-curve control recently it was seen as “hawkish.” Fed’s NOT hawkish.”…

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Global Trade Worried, The Fed Will Not Stop, Plus Gold, Silver
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