One of the greats in the business discusses the golden trigger that will send the price of gold dramatically higher.

The Golden Trigger
August 29 (King World News) – 
Top Citi analyst Tom Fitzptrick:  “The chart below shows the current setup on the S&P Gold ratio in addition to the picture in 2001 and 2007 (all 3 periods were post the inversion in the 2 Years’s/5Year’s [Treasuries] curve on back of Fed tightening in 2000, 2006 and 2018).

2019 & 2007: Very Close To Triggering A Dramatic Acceleration In The Outperformance Of Gold vs S&P 500

A September To Remember
In both prior instances the support level on this ratio gave way the week of September 03 opening up the way for an acceleration in the outperformance of Gold relative to the S&P. 
If we see a break below 1.85 in this ratio (last 1.88) this could become another September to remember.

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