With everyone concerned about the recent action in global stock markets, no one has noticed the death of the value investor.

The Death Of The Value Investor
June 6 (King World News) –
 Here is what Peter Boockvar wrote today as the world awaits the next round of monetary madness:  
As a value focused investor, the US market forced me to look abroad over the past few years and fortunately I did and where values still lie.  Right now though I feel like road kill in my constant search for value in the US and I reached the height of cluelessness watching the US market rally Thursday on the good jobs number and rally further Friday on the weak jobs number…

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We loved QE and zero rates and now we love no QE and rate hikes. Tax reform is great but who cares when it happens. A persistently flattening of the US yield curve doesn’t matter, etc… I’ve basically thrown in the towel of trying to make sense of anything in US stocks but I certainly know markets will do what they do. In the constant search for something washed out I do though believe there is an area that has been left for dead and that is agriculture and the fertilizer stocks within that. You want value, go look there. You want momentum, that’s easy to find because everyone is doing it. Anyway, sorry for the diversion but here is a chart reflecting the extinction of the value investor, it measures the median price to sales ratio for the S&P 500 and you can see where it is relative to the year 2000:


King World News note:  When this bubble pops, not only will you see the comeback of the value investor, but you will also see astonishing gains in the gold, silver, and mining share markets.

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