The coming panic into gold will be one for the history books.

April 17 (King World News) – Eric King:  “We talk about the 1970’s and what it meant for people who lived through it. There is a giant group of people that lived through that inflation and they remember it very well. When that army of people, and they’re beginning to emerge now because they’re seeing the same things they saw in the 1970s, when that army emerges and begins to panic in to gold, silver and the mining stocks, I think the tape is going to get pretty internetty.”

“You’re Not Going To Be Able To Get This Stuff”
E.B. Tucker:
  “It’s going to get pretty crazy because you’re not going to be able to get this stuff — that’s the problem. Last year we saw just the smallest increase in the gold price and you ended up with absolute panic. It was 10-12 weeks to get a one ounce krugerrand. I mean you couldn’t find gold anywhere and silver was even worse.

Where are they going to get this stuff because there haven’t been any gold discoveries because there hasn’t been any investment in to looking for new mines. I know you have guys like Pierre Lassonde come on and talk about this and they’re exactly right. Nobody is invested in it.

There’s nobody to shake out of the trade either. And once it starts moving, who are your sellers? In the gold world you are left with central banks and kings of countries — that’s your holders (strong hands). There are (virtually) no retail people in this trade. So you are not going to encounter a lot of resistance. And when it goes you don’t want to be chasing…To continue listening to E.B. Tucker discuss the coming panic into gold, silver and the mining shares CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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