Today one of the greats in the business told King World News that to invest in the coming inflation you have to make dramatic shifts.

June 5 (King World News) – Ted Oakley, Managing Partner at Oxbow Advisors:  “Well, I’m probably different than most, Eric, because my first 7 years in the business when I started in New York (in the 1970s) was all inflation. And if you bought a bond during that period that 90 days later it was going to be cheaper than what you paid for it. That’s a tough, tough atmosphere to run in, and so you had to learn how to manage that.

I think today’s problem is if you look at the average portfolio manager they are 48 years old. And the last 12 years you’ve had this enormous amount of people come into the business. None of those people, none of them know how to deal with inflation in a portfolio. If you get into serious inflation you’ve got to make some fairly dramatic shifts that go against what you’ve been doing the last 25 years of your career.

Fortunately or unfortunately I have been around long enough to have experienced that and we know how to shift through that (kind of crisis)…to continue listening to one of the great veterans in the business discuss gold, silver, how to invest in the coming inflation, and much more CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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