Today one of the top minds in the business warned King World News that Greece has now become the center of a much larger global war Between Russia, China, the U.S. And Europe.  This interview takes a trip down the rabbit hole of a global conflict that is now raging between superpowers of the world over Greece as Europe trembles with fear of World War III.

Stephen Leeb:  “Right now all eyes are on Greece.  What happens if Greece drops out of the euro?  That would be catastrophic for the euro.  Greece owes over $300 billion to European banks.  This is why a default would be so incredibly disastrous….

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“At the same time, Greece has become very close to Russia and China.  Both of these countries plan to use Greece in a way that will make relations very, very difficult with the West.

KWN Leeb IV 2:3:2015

Greece – Major Battle In A Global War

For Russia that will include a new gas pipeline that goes through Greece.  For China it will include high-speed rails.  That will bring the Balkans closer to the East.  It will dramatically increase Russia's and China’s influence and control over this region.  Greece is not just some little country that is part of the eurozone.  It’s a pivot point between the East and the West.

So Greece is battleground being fought between the East and the West.  Whoever wins that battle will end up in a power position in Europe.  What you are seeing play out right now is a major battle in a new World War between the East and the West.

KWN Leeb I 2:3:2015

Trouble For Merkel And Germany

People don’t understand how quickly this situation could spell trouble for Merkel and Germany.  A recent article in the most recent Foreign Affairs pointed out that the German people by and large look East rather than West.  You have to remember, Eric, that the Germans were the last people to agree that there had to be sanctions against Russia when the Russians took over the Crimea.

King World News - Superpowers Battle Over Greece As Europe Trembles With Fear Of World War III

World War III

What we are talking about here is World War III.  You have a battle for worldwide economic hegemony.  This war over Greece is incredibly important.  Whoever wins control of Greece will have a huge tactical advantage in Europe.  The West is at a distinct disadvantage here because the Russians are planning to put in the pipeline that will extend all the way up to the Balkans — the same is true for the planned Chinese high-speed rail system.

KWN Leeb VII 2:3:2015

Global War Raging For Economic Hegemony

This is not just an issue of Greece falling out of the euro.  It’s not just an issue of that $300 billion that Greece owes the rest of these European banks.  This is an issue of who wins the first real battle for economic hegemony in the world.  Greece is that that battleground right now.

In a way the outcome in Greece is far more important than what happened in Crimea.  It’s far more important that almost anything we’ve seen up to this point.

KWN Leeb III 2:3:2015

China Rapidly Modernizing Its Massive Armed Forces

It’s also important to note that China is going to have a completely modern military by 2020.  China also has a direct road to the Middle East through Pakistan.  This will allow the Chinese to be positioned to aid the Saudis with their military.

KWN Leeb V 2:3:2015

Entire World Now Watching Greece

So, Eric, as China rapidly expands its power and influence across the globe, the whole world is watching to see who will win the war in Greece.  A victory for Russia and China would have disastrous ramifications for the European Union.  It would also be a warning to the United States and Europe that aggression works both ways.  That would leave the U.S. and Europe with a disaster in Ukraine and a catastrophic loss in Greece — the strategic crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa.” ***ALSO JUST RELEASED: This Is What It Takes To Get A True Bottom In Gold, Silver, Oil, etc. CLICK HERE.

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