As we kickoff Friday’s trading, here is something to think about as well as the chart of the day.

Something To Think About
August 30 (King World News) – 
Keith McCullough, CEO of Hedgeye Risk Management:  “Buy-some on red and sell-some on green? Last I checked, no one ever went broke booking gains. “Oh but the taxes…” Yeah, I’ve heard about those. What’s been the tax of owning the Russell 2000 for the last -15.4% of its decline from this time last year vs. selling that for a big time Full Cycle Investing gain and rolling it into Gold (+25% since AUG of last year)?

CHART OF THE DAY: Losing Money Is A Tax…Investors Should Have Sold The Russell 2000 (-15.4% Last 12 Months) And Bought Gold (+25% Last 12 Months)

WOW: Look At This Tumble, Plus Gold & Silver
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