As we move through the second week of trading in the final month of summer, KWN thought it was important to share some very important wisdom from one of the legends in the business.

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Russell On Warren Buffett
From the Godfather of newsletter writers, legendary Richard Russell:  
“Warren Buffet was asked how he came to be one of the richest men on earth. He answered that, 1) he was lucky enough to be born in America, 2) he had good genes, and has lived to his eighties, and 3) he understood the almost miraculous power of compounding through time.

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“God, Get Me Out Of This Alive”
Personal: It’s strange but after all these years, there seems to be an increasing interest in World War II. Never a day goes by that I don’t think about the war. I often think about one particular day. I was on a mission in Italy and suddenly I saw puffs of black smoke in the distance. It was the first time I had seen flack. In a flash, I understood what I was seeing. My mind froze as I suddenly realized, “these guys are trying to kill me.”

“God Kept Me Alive”
In a plane, there is no place to hide, no foxholes. Your enemy is either lucky or he’s not. All you can do is pray that the flak does not hit you. Your life is hanging on a thread. It was the most frightening experience I’ve ever lived through. I crouched in the nose of the plane, and I said to myself, “God, get me out of this alive, and I’ll never ask for anything again.” 
God kept me alive. But I went back on my word, and I’ve asked for many things since then. Some day people will realize that war has nothing to do with romance or excitement.

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War, like the holocaust, brings out the worst emotions and instincts in man. I look for a world where we are all free to love ourselves and our fellow men and women. Peace and civilization start when we cherish and love ourselves and love our fellow men. In the coming age, love and spirituality will sweep the planet and war will be unknown.”

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